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Apr 2, 2019

Online Feedback: What You Need to Know

Online Feedback and the Prospective Franchisee: What to Know Before You Dive In It's likely no surprise to hear that online and social media management is no longer optional for a business....
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Mar 13, 2019

Your Franchise Signage Matters

It's always easier for customers to find you when you have a noticeable sign with your business name on it outside the establishment. Generally speaking, the larger the sign, the better - but...
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Mar 12, 2019

4 Ideas for the New Canadian Franchisee

If you have just opened your first Canadian franchise or are about to, you may be wondering what you can purchase to help build your business. Here are four things to consider splurging on to...
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Feb 19, 2019

What's in a Trademark?

Before you invest your cash into a Canadian franchise, you've got a lot of do. You need to read all the documentation, speak the franchisor and go through the entire process. One area that is...
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Feb 6, 2019

Your Canadian Franchise and Instagram

There is an array of social media platforms out there today that can be used to boost your franchise's profile and increase brand awareness. Mainstays such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are...
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Jan 26, 2019

The Franchise Site Selection

Once you've decided to purchase a Canadian franchise and have done your homework and identified your brand, it may seem like all the research work is over and you are on your way. However, there...
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Jan 10, 2019

3 Common Errors New Franchisees Make

When you start something new, it's only natural to experience some trial and error. Making mistakes is a part of the learning process, and when you are a new franchisee in Canada, you can expect...
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