Sushi Shop franchisee - Thanh Thanh


Jul 10, 2013

BeTheBoss: Tell us about your background and experience.

My name is Thanh Thanh Truong and I am a franchisee of Sushi Shop (the third Sushi Shop in Toronto). I spent most of my life in Montreal, QC and always dreamed of opening a sushi restaurant. That dream came true in 2000 when I became the first Sushi Shop owner. Since then, I have owned and operated 15 Sushi Shops in Montreal. After six years, I decided to relocate to Toronto, ON and start fresh.

BeTheBoss: What attracted you to the Sushi Shop franchise?

Sushi Shop is the best in its class. The brand has gone a long way since 2000 and I feel it is heading in the right direction. Innovative menu, committed support team, award winning designs, the choice was obvious to me. As soon as an opportunity was available in Toronto, I took it without thinking twice.

BeTheBoss: What kind of support did you receive from Sushi Shop to help you get started?

Aside from the four weeks total training (three weeks pre-opening training at Sushi Shop’s corporate store and one week post-opening), everything from A-Z was looked after by head office to ensure the smooth opening of the store. From the early stages of leasing to designing the plans to choosing the right equipment, the Sushi Shop team was always there throughout the whole process.

BeTheBoss: Why did you franchise a second Sushi Shop store? (if applicable)

At first I was unsure if I wanted to franchise a second store. The concept of Sushi Shop was still new in Toronto and while I always believed in it, I was unsure if the residents of Toronto would accept it. A few months after opening, it was clear to me that I needed to open a second store, ASAP. The success of my first store definitely exceeded my expectations. Fast forward three years and I now have two locations in Toronto, and cannot wait for a third!

BeTheBoss: Name three of your favourite things about your Sushi Shop experience.

There is nothing as satisfying as seeing your business grow through hard work and dedication. To see all those long hours you invested finally paying off. Second is having the pleasure of serving such loyal customers and even making a few new friends at the same time. My third favourite has to be creating edible art; sushi.

BeTheBoss: What does Sushi Shop offer that its competition can’t?

We offer a wide selection of sushi, salads, soups, and other Japanese dishes. Everything is made fresh, on site with the best ingredients available and can be customized to your liking.

BeTheBoss: Is there anything special about a Sushi Shop customer?

The relationship we have with our customers is truly special. We are on a first name basis with all of our regular customers and it is always rewarding to help each individual find their “usual” order or to introduce them to new specialty items.

BeTheBoss: What advice would you offer a potential Sushi Shop franchisee?

There is no better sushi franchise out there. Sushi Shop has all the right systems and infrastructure in place for both experienced and non-experienced franchisees. Take advantage of the training available and be sure to bring your manager or head chef to train with you.