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Investment Level $300,001 ~ $400,000
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With locations already established in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Singapore, we’re all about nourishing families and our planet by providing wholesome, nutritious ingredients, free from unnecessary packaging.

Our mission is to provide our customers not only with an exciting and rewarding store experience but also the knowledge and guidelines for using our products to change their lifestyle.

We are now looking for a partner that understands our brand to share this shopping revolution with Canadians as a Regional Master Franchisor.

The Source Bulk foods locations

Our Successful Franchise

The Source Bulk Foods Franchise Model

Our franchise model is built on an interdependent relationship between all stakeholders including customers, Franchise Partners, Franchisor, supply and service partners. Our strategic decision making always considers the impact on all of these stakeholder groups.

Our success factors are that we:

  • Share the vision
  • Listen to all stakeholders
  • Clearly communicate all messages
  • Focus on profitability (of all stakeholders)
  • Create a positive culture of abundance
  • Remember that success is a team effort
  • Aim to keep all Team Members “happy”
  • Always treat Franchise Partners with respect
  • Get out in the field
  • Commit to necessary investment
    in IT and systems
  • Think before we act
  • Always be transparent
  • Provide valuable ongoing training to
    all Franchise Partners
  • Promote community involvement
    and support
  • Mentor and be mentored

Our franchise model focuses on driving sustainable profitability at the franchise store level in a focused and supportive manner.

The Source Bulk Foods brand is obviously a major contributing factor to the success of our franchise model, and we guard our brand values totally to ensure we stay true to our purpose.

For our Regional Master Franchisors, we offer a comprehensive induction training and
ongoing support program that includes:

  • Detailed local market opportunity analysis
  • Compliant legal franchise documentation
  • Hands-on support in finalizing siting and
    territory strategy
  • Hands-on support to set up a supply chain
  • Store fit-out plan and brand guidelines
  • Access to all Franchise Partner support
    resources via a smart online platform called
    World Manger
  • Access to an online business performance
    mapping program called Avatar
  • Hands-on support in first store set up and
  • Ongoing Franchise Partner training
  • Region-specific local area marketing
    programs for Franchise Partners to utilize
  • A localized recruitment program for
    Franchise Partners
  • Four-week comprehensive induction and
    training program for key team members in
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring via
Why Canada

The zero waste, organic and healthy wholefoods movement is a global phenomenon that is growing at an incredibly positive rate. In some countries, specialist market segments such as vegans now account for 10% of all consumers. The Canadian market is no exception in terms of the growth potential for The Source Bulk Foods brand.

As part of your discovery journey we will provide you with a detailed Regional Master Franchise profile that will provide references to statistical information confirming the market potential in Canada.


East Canada Region Central and Arctic Canada Region West Canada Region The Canadian Market
Your Role as Regional Master Franchisor

We have found that the attributes of a successful Regional Master Franchisor are:

  • An ethical approach to success
  • Shared values with The Source Bulk Foods
  • A passion about The Source Bulk Foods retail
    and customer experience 
  • Great communication skills 
  • Great negotiating skills
  • Well-developed management and
    leadership skills
  • A strong understanding of local consumers,
    government regulations, workforce and
    supply logistics
  • Access to experienced support in store
    development and real estate practices 
  • Ability to commit to an aggressive store
    development plan 
  • Patience and persistence 
  • Sustainable high levels of energy, focus and
    a commitment to hard work 
  • Ability and willingness to work within a
    franchise system

The above list is quite extensive, and we do not necessarily expect that our Franchisor will have all of the necessary skills on day one, but will have the aptitude and willingness to develop them during our training programs.

After completing your induction and training, and with our support, you will be
responsible for:

  • Establishing the first location and building
    our brand value while gaining credibility in
    your region
  • Initiating the brand marketing program as
  • Implementing the franchise recruitment
    program to find appropriate Franchise
    Partners to join
  • Providing training, support and mentoring
    to all Franchise Partners as per The Source
    Bulk Foods systems provided
  • Working closely with Franchise Partners to optimize their store profitability using the BEST Program
  • Developing your store support team to effectively manage your franchise organization as it grows and develops
  • Maintaining the brand and franchise KPIs as provided
  • Enjoying your journey, which will be challenging but also rewarding for both you and your Franchise Partners
Meet the Founders

The Source Founders

Hi, we’re Paul and Emma. Back in 2012 we left our corporate jobs in Sydney to seek a better lifestyle in Byron Bay on the New South Wales north coast.

There, we founded The Source Bulk Foods with the simple belief that unpackaged food should be easier to access and that a smaller carbon footprint could be achieved every time you shop. The concept proved to be an instant hit with our customers.

We soon opened a second store in Balmain, Sydney. The Balmain store was also extremely successful with very rapid growth in sales and loyal repeat customers.

In early 2013 we felt confident that The Source Bulk Foods retail concept could become a successful national franchise.

To help us develop our franchise program, we began working with leading business and franchise consultant Jurgen Kernbach of the Franchise Performance Institute. After working with us for six months to develop the franchise manuals, legal documentation, systems and procedures, Jurgen became so enthusiastic about The Source Bulk Foods that he decided to join us in the Franchisor Company.

Now, with 45 franchised stores throughout Australia and appointed National Franchisors in Singapore, New Zealand and the UK, we are the leading specialized bulk food retailer in the world.

Our wholesome array of ingredients is delivered the way food ought to be - without plastic packaging. We encourage customers to take only what they need, refill their favourite jar, connect with the source of their food and embrace a better way to shop.

Your Next Step

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