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Arcadia Academy of Music

Initial Franchise Fee$35,000
Number of units 11
Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000
Franchising Since2005
Royalty Fee6% Adv.: 2%

Why A Music Academy Franchise?

Music transcends all boundaries. Arcadia Academy of Music is a unique niche market opportunity with broad base appeal. Not only is it a fun and creative environment, it is financially rewarding in an untapped market.

Franchise Excellence

Arcadia Academy of Music is Canada’s franchise music school! Our award-winning programs are second to none. Our reputation is unmatched within the industry. We are a one of a kind franchise opportunity, financially rewarding, but also gratifying – bringing the arts and culture into the communities. Our mission is to teach, motivate and inspire.

Established System

We have a 35-year track record of success and measurable results. As a franchise owner, you’ll receive in-depth training in all aspects of this rewarding business. We offer proven marketing tools, state of the art software and renowned systems and much-much more from our franchise support team.

Proven Brand Equity

Arcadia Academy of Music brings inspiration for parents who want more for their children’s education. The trust and respect that we have earned in making a difference in children’s lives and their results is what has built our good name and our image and we wear it with pride.

Committed to Your Success

Your success is our success. Our franchise team has extensive knowledge in all areas of support. We are constantly evolving to maintain our forefront position within this flourishing market; that has exponential growth

Are You a Good Fit?

You don't need to be a musician or have an MBA to be a successful Franchise Owner. All you need is passion, desire and the ability to inspire.  An Arcadia franchise is your opportunity to forge a rewarding career in the field of music. The rest we teach.


The total cost of opening an Arcadia franchise ranges from $240,000 - $300,000 depending upon your location. This amount will deliver you a turn-key best-in-class, dynamic design Academy. Minimum cash requirement, approximately $100,000.

Music is one of the oldest forms of true art; it expresses itself in every facet of life, it is like no other art form. Music is the essence of a movie, the heart of a marriage; it enhances memories and challenges our emotions. Whether from the world’s renowned symphonies; a child’s rendition of a timeless tune... To imagine a world without music truly would be a place without joy and enriched emotions.