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Initial Franchise Fee$65,000
Number of units 63
Investment Level $500,001 ~ $1,000,000
Franchising Since1977
Royalty Fee4%



ChemStation is a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly, high-quality industrial cleaning products. The ChemStation System operates with a unique process of delivery into refillable containers at our customers’ facilities. As the owner of a ChemStation Manufacturing Center, you are able to offer your customers safety, convenience, and local service delivered directly to their door, removing the inefficiency and unwanted waste of drums and totes.

Our key markets include the food and beverage industry, odor control, parts washing, floor care, concrete and asphalt, and vehicle cleaning. ChemStation serves a vast array of other industrial markets as well.



A few key advantages ChemStation offers our Franchisees:
  • Customer demographics
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Facility set-up strategy
  • Initial facility opening support
  • Continuous training
  • Technical support (laboratory chemists, customer relations)
  • Central data processing
  • Central purchasing
  • Operations field evaluation
  • Inventory control system
  • Quality control system
  • Prospect Franchisee information





ChemStation is eager to develop our brand even further across Canada
with enthusiastic partners who are committed to cleaning Canada and beyond
one refillable container at a time.

May 3, 2019

ChemStation Franchise - Jeff Purks, CEO

Jeff Purks is the President and CEO at ChemStation International, Inc., an environmentally focused network of franchised manufacturers of industrial cleaning chemicals. Jeff’s most...
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