Mary Brown's - Hadi Chahin, President & COO


May 02, 2018

Hadi Chahin –President and Chief Operating Officer

A recognized industry leader known for his ability to drive growth, execute strategy and manage cultural change, Hadi brings over 20 years in Operations, Financial Management, Strategic Planning and Business Development to Mary Brown’s.

Prior to joining Mary Brown’s, Hadi was the Vice President of Operations for Chartwells – a division of Compass Group Canada. He has also held leadership roles with Sodexo Canada, Prime Restaurants and White Lodging Services.

Hadi holds a Masters in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management and a Bachelors in Business Management.  He is also a certified Facility Management Professional (FMP).    Tell us about the Mary Brown’s concept.

Hadi Chahin:   Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters is truly a Canadian success story that started in Newfoundland & Labrador in 1969. 

The system’s success is owed in part to its product, which is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. We hand cut, marinate, bread and cook our Chicken and Taters (potato wedges) at each and every store. We cook our food in small batches in our proprietary cookers throughout the day to ensure superior quality and taste, and of course, freshness. 

Another strength of the system is our Franchisees. We truly have operators who care. They care about their Guests, their teams and their communities and are very passionate about the brand and what it stands for. Most of our Franchisees are owner-operators who are engaged in their business and are very hardworking, dedicated individuals. It feels like a family.

                  How and when did you become involved with Mary Brown’s?

Hadi Chahin:    I started with Mary Brown’s in May 2017. As a proud Canadian who is passionate about quality and service, joining Mary Brown’s was a natural fit.     What was your background prior to joining Mary Brown’s?

Hadi Chahin:    Prior to joining Mary Brown’s, I was the Vice President of Operations for Chartwells – a division of Compass Group Canada – that provides foodservices in Colleges and Universities.  During my time with Chartwells, I built a solid operational organization that consistently delivered results by aligning people with business goals. I also held leadership roles with Sodexo Canada, Prime Restaurants and White Lodging Services.     What are some of the advantages in being a Mary Brown’s Franchisee?

Hadi Chahin:    A big part of Mary Brown’s growth and success is due to franchising and the quality of our Franchisees. Adding 50-plus stores in the last few years would not have been possible without franchising, and with every new store that we open, we grow our brand awareness and our customer base – and that in turn supports both existing and new Franchisees. We provide a turnkey operation to new Franchisees, including the training and support necessary to run a successful and profitable business. We also have dedicated regional and national operations and marketing teams that provide our Franchisees with day-to-day support and guidance on an ongoing basis.     Who is your ideal Franchisee?

Hadi Chahin:    The Mary Brown’s ideal Franchisee has a passion for customer service. Ideally, the candidate has some ­­­­­food background and restaurant experience, but we have successful Franchisees who did not come from the foodservice industry. Finding new Franchisees who are the right cultural fit for Mary Brown’s is a critical component for future success and future growth.     Tell us a little about the QSR Market?

Hadi Chahin:    The restaurant and QSR industry is a crowded space with many players. It’s a competitive market and those who are looking to enter should really partner with a brand that has demonstrated its ability to be successful in the long term. The good news for Mary Brown’s is that chicken QSR still has a lot of room to grow compared to other products like burgers, pizzas and sandwiches. 

Our truly delicious menu supported by genuine service and quality ingredients and backed by almost 50 years of proven methodology makes Mary Brown’s one of few brands that is destined for continuous growth and success.     What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Hadi Chahin:    It’s definitely about having the right Franchisee and the right store location. Both factors contribute a great deal to a restaurant’s success.     Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Hadi Chahin:    I read about and follow many great minds but I honestly get my inspiration from Greg Roberts who is the owner and CEO of Mary Brown’s. His passion for the brand is contagious and his commitment to the team, the community and our family of Franchisees is absolutely genuine and authentic.     What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Hadi Chahin:    Do your homework and join a brand that can support you to successfully open and grow your business. Don’t forget to look into the culture of the brand. Cultural fit is key to a mutual and beneficial long-term relationship.   In your opinion, why do you think that Mary Brown’s would be a great opportunity for someone? 

Hadi Chahin:    Mary Brown’s is one of the fastest-growing Canadian brands with strong, passionate support systems and continuous year-over-year sales growth. We have won the CFA “Franchisee Choice Award” 7 years in a row and we continue to stay true to our “Made Fresh from Scratch™” delicious menu and our heritage of Newfoundland hospitality. It’s definitely a recipe for success. 

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