Cap-It Franchisees - The Tuckers


May 22, 2012

Cap-it Kelowna opened May of 2010 as an “EXPRESS” in a 3200 sq. ft. store and installation shop located in a commercial strip plaza in a very low traffic area two blocks off the mail drag. Opening a bigger store in a prime location was not an option financially for the family so the plan was to grow the business and move to a big store in five years.

This Franchise is a family venture with the father and three sons involved day to day with Anne the mom, watching the pennies when needed. After the fist six months of getting the group all on the same page and with the help of the Cap-it training and operations team, the Kelowna business began to take off. 2011 saw the business become a profit center for the family well ahead of projections.

With Cap-it help and guidance, the Kelowna team quickly overcame the lack of exposure to traffic by increasing the exposure with innovative retail marketing and direct sales calls to commercial clients.

“What happens when you have a family of 3 young men and one Dad who all love trucks and everything you can do with them? Add in many years of experience in auto and industrial supply sales and service for Dad and son Jason’s experience in the Auto accessory business and you have a pair of guys who decided it was time to start their own business doing what they know and love.”

“Why Cap-It? Having previously owned a Leer canopy the Tucker family know the value of the quality that Leer provides, and Jason’s work in the auto accessory business had shown him the other great products, service and team that are behind the Cap-It Brand.”

“Now the doors are open and this is truly a family affair with Ralph and Jason running the store, youngest son Greg working the install shop and Anne (Mom) providing accounting and office support in her spare time. Relief assistance comes from son Aaron in his spare time away from his other job; who knows, he may join the team come fall!”