COBS Bread Franchisee - Shelly Snure


Nov 13, 2013

Shelly Snure is a perfect example of the great people who work with COBS Bread. In this personal interview with her, you'll realize how she is just like you with her personal goals, professional aspirations and the support network she gained through owning and working for COBS Bread franchise.

BeTheBoss: Why did you join COBS?

Shelly Snure:I joined COBS because I was looking for a change in my career.

BTB: What has been your career path with COBS?

SS:I started out as an Assistant Manager at the Oak Bay bakery in December 2006. In May of 2007 I opened the Harris Green bakery as the Store Manager before transferring to the Millstream bakery in November 2007, where I stayed for a little over 2 years. When the Millstream bakery was sold to a franchisee I was transferred to the Shelbourne Plaza bakery. I managed the Shelbourne bakery from March 2010 to September of 2011 before moving to Nanaimo and ultimately, purchasing the Terminal Park bakery in December 0f 2011.

BTB: How has COBS supported you in your career path?

SS:I have always felt the support of COBS in every bakery change I have made. From Leslie and Roger Gillespie [joint CEOS], to every Area Manager I have had that has helped me grow into the business woman I am today.

BTB:Why do you enjoy being a Cobber?

SS:I love people and I love to chat, so it works out great!!

BTB: What is your career goal?

SS:I aspire to open another bakery in Nanaimo.

BTB: What personal goals do you have?

SS:I set a goal to lose 60lbs in a year and I’m half way there.

BTB: What’s one thing people are surprised to find out about you?

SS:Maybe that I don’t have any children.

BTB: Do you have any pets?

SS:Yes, 3 cats.

BTB: What’s your favourite COBS Bread product?

SS:Cape Seed Loaf

BTB: What’s your birthday month?


BTB: What’s been your best vacation ever?

SS:The last time I went home to see my family in Ontario in 2011 and I pretended to be the pizza delivery person when my niece and nephew answered the door.

BTB: Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you most like to meet?

SS:Lady Gaga