COBS Bread Franchisee - Emily Mirsky


Dec 04, 2013

Emily Mirsky and her husband Craig Cochrane love going to work together everyday. Of course, it helps they get to work in the great smell of fresh-baked bread but for Emily there's more to it. For Emily, it about the relationships. Hence, why she makes sure most of her lovely customers know her by name. She knows the importance of building relationships in your community. Plus she enjoys it and she knows COBS Bread is not a transaction but an experience. That's why she makes she she builds relationship with every one of her customers, even there kids!

How are you involved in your local community?

Working within the local community over the three years has been such an important part of our business. We have made strong ties with many local schools, community programs and participated in many local festivals, and events. Getting our product into the community is one of the easiest ways to hook people on to it. We believe in what we do, and if people see and taste it, they will too!

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation is driven by so many factors, and over time I have found what motivates me changes. In the beginning learning the business motivated me. I wanted to know all the ins and outs of the baking process, and how to manage situations in the bakery. Now that I am comfortable with those things I am motivated by numbers. I strive to achieve sales targets that are better than last year. Those sales are achieved by getting the right staff in the bakery and motivating them, by building relationships in the community and baking the best product each and everyday.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

It is something you have to work at. I believe that anyone who is serious about owning a business is somewhat of a workaholic. As a workaholic you need to actively plan your time off, and believe the world is not going to end if you are away from your business. Over time, this gets easier. You find the right people to work in your business and you trust them when you are away. You plan vacations, take your days off and make sure you are as productive as you possibly can be in an 8 hour day.

What benefits have you seen to your lifestyle since becoming a COBS Bread franchisee?

My now husband and I, took over the business together and were able to get married during our second year of business. As odd as this may seem, we believe this can be listed as a benefit to our lifestyle. Before working at COBS we had worked together but not as a team, like we do now. Being able to spend so much time with the person you love is fantastic and this has been a pretty awesome benefit to our lifestyle.

What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

In my experience forming relationships with everyone in your business is the greatest key to success. Forming relationships with staff helps you to better understand their needs, which, in turn, impacts your needs. Forming relationships with the community helps build your sales.

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