COBS Bread Franchisee - Kyle Narzt


Dec 18, 2013

Please describe your background experience.

My background experience includes work in a variety of fields – from lifeguarding to audit work, but most of my background is in retail management. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and New Venture Creation, and a minor in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development.

What attracted you to COBS Bread?

I saw COBS Bread and the MTO program in particular as an opportunity to own my own business, a goal I had set for myself while attending the School of Business and Economics at Thompson Rivers University. COBS’ corporate culture of giving and being an active participant in the community was a huge draw for me – I wanted to know that my efforts would be helping grow a company that I believed in.

How are you involved in your local community?

Like all COBS bakeries we donate all of our unsold product to local charities at the end of each day. It feels great to know that we’re doing such a huge amount of giving… people cannot believe how much bread we donate every year when I tell them! Beyond our end-of-day giving program, our bakery regularly does guided bakery tours for Sparks/Girl Guides/ Brownie groups, sponsors and supports community events, sporting events, and fundraisers including the annual Motorcycle Ride for Dad, which raises funds for prostate cancer research.

What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

The support of the people around me. It would be easy to take all the credit and claim it was nothing but hard work and smart strategic planning that got me to where I am today, but honestly, the support of my family and loved ones has been instrumental in my success. Specifically, my Mother Candy, Brother Greg, and now fiancée (and business partner) Maryflor have kept me sane by providing the emotional support I needed to navigate through the MTO program. The support of COBS employees has also been invaluable. Every person in the system from bakers at corporate locations who can help out if your staff call in sick, area managers, regional directors, right up to the top with Roger and Lesley Gillespie. Every single person in the system is working together to build something better. The feeling of community and family within this company is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I felt that I always had someone in my corner looking out for me and my interests, no matter what happened. I can share my success with every single person who has been part of this journey.