COBS Bread Franchisee - Ryan Klassen


Dec 24, 2013

Ryan Klassen is a perfect example of the great people who work with COBS Bread. In this personal interview with him, you'll realize how he is just like you with his personal goals, professional aspirations and the support network he gained through owning and working for COBS Bread franchise.

BeTheBoss: What networking opportunities are available to you (with other franchisees)?

Ryan Klassen: I’ve had a lot of great connections with other Franchisees and corporate Managers. We often compare results, difficulties and successes, and there is always someone who has tried something that may work for you, so I am very pleased about the openness of all the operators.

BTB: How are you involved in your local community?

RK: We work hard to stay involved in the community. We participate in a lot of local events, and do our best to help the community that shops with us. A lot of people are so happy to hear that we will help them with product, which helps them add a lot of interest to their events.

BTB: How do you maintain work-life balance?

RK: The biggest key is to be aware of your own needs, and then make sure that you can fulfill them. The bakery can be very flexible in that way, if you are willing to train your staff to be responsible, so that you know it’s in good hands when you are not around.

BTB: What future opportunities do you see for yourself?

RK: I’m looking forward to many more years of growth in the bakery I’m in right now, but I’m also always looking for the opportunity for another location!

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