WSI Scam – WSI Rip Off Coalition Launches WSI Consumer Advocacy Program


Aug 14, 2006

Rip off artists love the Internet. No longer do they have to focus on local victims; now, their prey can live anywhere on the globe. The cyber universe inadvertently makes their false information easier to peddle, too; after all, it’s difficult for someone in Malaysia to check a company originating in a small Nebraskan town. As a result, scammers leech millions of dollars from the pocketbooks of honest, hardworking individuals, families, and businesses.

WSI Scam- Rip Off Coalition Launch

Claims of such unthinkable fraudulent activities have led to the formation of a new consumer advocacy organization by the WSI Net Scam – Ripoff Coalition. The Coalition intends to serve as a “watchdog” by investigating claims of Internet scams. If the scams turn out to be legitimately illegal, the Coalition will publicly warn about the con artists, detailing the counterfeit schemes that such criminals operate. Though dissemination of data involving bogus schemes, operations, or franchises, the Coalition hopes to slow down, if not stop entirely, cyber crooks.

Role of the WSI Scam-Rip Off Volunteers

WSI’s network of volunteers will play a major role in the Coalition by debunking conspiracy theories, gathering information, and separating the fakes from those who are operating on the “up and up.” As a result of the volunteers’ efforts, the Coalition will be able to send out “buyer beware” alerts as a way of putting pressure on scammers to cease their false advertising. However, the Coalition intends to exercise great caution; it will fully investigate any pyramid scheme, fake company, franchise owner troubles, fraudulent investment “opportunity”, known Internet “chameleons”, or similar scam, and will never issue information without the data to back it up.

WSI Scam- WSI Rip-Off Coalition’s Role

WSI’s Coalition will gather personal testimonies so the public can hear just how emotionally and fiscally exhausting being a victim of a rip-off artist’s dirty business schemes can be. By giving in-depth details of misleading emails, horrible support, pyramid schemes, “penny stock” con games, and other true stories of victimization, the Coalition hopes to glean public support behind its mission. Each anecdote will be maintained by WSI in a masterfile, and should legal claims be made against the scammers, the anecdote will be updated for accuracy.

Though there are other smaller public advocacy groups, WSI’s Coalition aims to be the most well-rounded; thus, a strong commitment to education will be employed. For instance, “Did You Know?” alerts will be issued, explaining about (and how to avoid) the most recent high pressure sales, fake businesses, con artists’ games, hard sell approaches, and the basic methods of liars and cheats. Knowledge is truly power; WSI wants to ensure that all consumers have the power to sniff out scams.

Through WSI-originating alerts, press releases, and articles, the Coalition will caution individuals and the media as to new crops of “red flag” Internet activities. The Coalition will also offer news bulletins and encourage readers with email links such as: “Click here if you think an online organization violated your trust” and “Do you know how scammers operate pyramid schemes?” Online alerts will discuss the latest tales of unhappy customers, bad experiences, unhappy franchisees, and bankruptcy stories.

Of course, there may be those persons who have already been taken to the proverbial “cleaners” by liars. Whether those victims (many who have found themselves broke after they were bled dry by a multi level marketing scam or other Internet con) decide to press charges or not, they can find a sympathetic reception from the WSI consumer advocacy program. There, they can hear from others who were also scammed out of their money… and their sense of safety. By being able to tell someone, “I fell for their lies,” and hearing in response, “They lied to me, too,” WSI hopes to assist unhappy clients’ abilities to move on from their horrible sufferings at the hands of cyber thieves.

WSI Scam- WSI Rip-Off Coalition- Exposing Bad Business

The WSI Coalition will also keep up with all laws pertaining to cons (on the World Wide Web). Thus, when a person who feels he or she has been played a “fool” by a company liar and wants information to deal with a ripoff operator, the Coalition website will be an excellent source for legal information. No longer does a shady business dealing have to mean a lifetime of feeling like a victim; WSI believes that anyone who has fallen prey to illegitimate business dealings has the right to fight back and make the cyber world safer for every consumer.

Of course, most victims will never take legal action or need legal information due to the futility and amount of time and energy associated with efforts such as this along with the sense of embarrassment. To those consumers, WSI encourages that they at least share their stories with the Coalition to warn others about the false information for which they fell. WSI will never get involved in any class action lawsuit; WSI simply wants the rip offs to be exposed so that others don’t fall for fake information or online scams.

While legal action generally proves futile, WSI can be a resource for data and statistics. WSI is not a legal organization; thus, it cannot give specific legal advice on case law or whether a scam violates laws of any kind including franchise laws, consumer laws, internet laws, international laws. Business laws - since statutes vary depending upon where a person resides (and where the crime took place.) But WSI will be a clearinghouse of information for consumers and in an effort to put a stop to the old scams that have been operating for millennia.

In the future, the WSI consumer advocacy program hopes its news bulletins will be synonymous with power, knowledge, and strength. By disseminating well-researched, hard-hitting news items and personal stories on poor business ethics, misleading advertising, “phishing” schemes, spamming, and scamming, the Coalition expects to be a leader in the field of protecting individuals from those who would take their hard-earned savings.

WSI Scam – WSI Rip-Off Coalition- Using the Internet to Highlight Fraud

WSI envisions a cyber world that is safer, where doing business on the Internet isn’t a gamble, but a positive experience. By reading WSI-related materials and receiving WSI alerts, the consumer will be able to safely purchase products and conduct business on the Internet. In turn, this will provide for a better global exchange of goods and services.

Of course, there are other advocacy groups operating; WSI intends to learn from those organizations by sharing information on the ugly side of Internet commerce. The more people who know the facts, the better it will be for all consumers, not to mention the legitimate online businesses. After all, the safer people feel buying and selling online, the better it will be for hard-working, honest companies and individuals.

But WSI cannot do it all alone. You can help the Coalition by bookmarking their site and sending it as a link to your friends, family, and colleagues. If you have been the victim of cyber fraud, you can also contribute to the WSI masterfile collection of stories and news items that will reveal the ugly truth about Internet con artists and their online swindling. You can also make sure that you research products and services before you buy or partner; in this way, you’ll protect yourself against hard sell techniques and corrupt or deceptive practices.

(Of course, if you do spot a scam, get away fast and make sure you let WSI know!)

Together, we can make it difficult for criminals to operate scams online through exhaustive research and alerts about Internet cons and bogus franchises. By actively engaging in preventative education, we’ll slowly decrease the number of cheated people who avoided the “buyer beware” red flags.

Join the WSI commitment to consumer advocacy today and help clean up the cyber “streets”.