Swiss Chalet Adding WW Points to its Menus


Oct 29, 2018


Popular restaurant chain Swiss Chalet recently announced a partnership with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) to highlight the healthiest choices on its menus to guests. Swiss Chalet's new menu will have a page complete with WW branding that displays the point values for menu items that are recommended for those focused on weight maintenance and healthy eating.


Each item will have a WW SmartPoints value, which is a patented system that uses nutritional data to assign foods easy-to-use numbers based on protein, sugar, calories and saturated fat. Even guests who do not currently follow the WW program will be able to make healthier choices more easily because the simple SmartPoints system is familiar to the general public.


Tallis Voakes, Swiss Chalet's executive corporate chef, noted that the lower an item's point value, the healthier the choice is, and that is much easier for guests to disseminate than trying to weigh fat content, sugar and the calorie count. According to Voakes, the new partnership will take the guesswork out of healthy ordering by assigning the items a number that represents the various nutritional data in a single at-a-glance value.


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