New Swiss Chalet heads to north-end Moncton


Jun 29, 2011

Swiss Chalet is upscaling things a bit with its new restaurant, now under construction at 1933 Mountain Rd.

But don't worry about losing the family-dining atmosphere chicken lovers have come to enjoy at Swiss Chalet's current restaurant on Champlain Street because it will still be evident when their second Moncton restaurant opens in early November, restaurateur Bill Allen says.

"This is our new generation of stores," Allen explained.

"It will have a little more of an upscale decor package that comes with it."

In fact, the new restaurant will have three sections with their own distinct atmospheres: The Great Room, with a darker, deep-wood decor and chandeliers; the Quick-Casual section, with lighter fabrics on the furniture and a brighter atmosphere; and the Cozy section, which is as its name implies.

"But nothing will be over-done here," Allen says. "It will all be very comfortable, very family-casual dining."

The outside of the building will also boast an updated look. You'll still find the iconic Swiss Chalet tower at the entrance and the copper trim ringing the roof, but the rest of the restaurant's public face will enjoy some more modern touches.

Metro Moncton's second Swiss Chalet is being built due to popular demand - there are often line-ups to get into their Champlain Street location which has won numerous industry awards, including honours as the top restaurant in the chain.

"Our Dieppe location has continued to grow ever since its inception and it has never had a negative year at all," Allen says.

"We have a loyal clientele."

he Mountain Road store will be a bit smaller than their Champlain Street location, 6,400 square feet compared to 8,300 square feet. It will offer 90 parking spots, a take-out conveniently located so customers can get in and out efficiently, and a drive-through.

As well, the City of Moncton will shortly widen Mountain Road at that location by adding a dedicated right-turn lane, making it easier to drive there, and with new traffic lights being erected at nearby Evergreen Drive, it will be much easier to get out of their parking lot as well, even if you're turning left on to ever-busy Mountain Road.

This is a bit of a departure for Swiss Chalet. Where most of their restaurants are located in bustling retail nodes, this restaurant will be located well beyond the Trinity Park Power Centre, near the fastest growing residential area in the region.

"So it will really be a local family restaurant," Allen said.

About 50 jobs will be created there and residents in the nearby residential area are encouraged to apply. Some seasoned staff from the Champlain Street store will be moving there to use their experience to ensure the restaurant's launch goes without a hitch.

That area of Mountain Road is experiencing a building boom of sorts, with a new plaza being built, a new Royal Bank branch recently opened, a stand-alone Second Cup coffee shop and drive-through under construction, new Circle K gas bar and store being built, two new schools, rapid residential expansion and more.

The area is sprinkled with other eateries as well, but Allen isn't worried about having to compete as the new kid on the block.

"There is lots of business out there for everyone," he says.

"Usually, if you take care of your guests, they'll take care of you."