Modern PURAIR® Alberta Franchisee Gives Back to His Community


Nov 01, 2013

Doug Haller is the Modern PURAIR® franchisee in Didsbury, Alberta, a community of 5000 people just north of Calgary. His business also services the larger neighbouring town of Airdrie and several communities in Northwest Calgary. Haller established his business in 2011 and strongly believes in giving back to the community in which he lives.

Modern PURAIR® is a full service furnace and duct cleaning company, which utilizes patented technology to improve indoor air quality for its residential, community and corporate customers. The franchise currently has 15 franchisees in British Columbia and Alberta.

During this past summer, Calgary and several other Southern Albertan communities experienced devastating flooding along all of the regions waterways. What warmed the hearts of many around Canada was the way the community stepped up in this time of crisis.

Soon after the floodwater receded, volunteers came out in the thousands to clean up the mess and help complete strangers to rebuild. Doug Haller was one of those volunteers, dedicating countless hours to help the community recover from the tragedy, using his unique skills as a HVAC technician.

Haller described what he saw as unimaginable. He told me boats and train tracks littered the streets. In one spot a building had been picked up by the floodwaters and moved right across the street.

The air quality in many of the homes impacted made them unlivable weeks after the flood. His emotion was evident when he described a soccer field full of tents where people (including families with young children) had taken up residence while the cleanup process occurred.

Haller partnered with several restoration companies in the Calgary area to ensure that families could return to their homes without having to worry about their children becoming ill after breathing toxins left over from the flood and subsequent restoration efforts. The long days, muscle aches and lack of sleep were worth it in the end for Haller when he could see his neighbours returning to their homes.

Franchising is about community at its core. Franchise owners run businesses in the communities in which they live. Thank you to Doug Haller from Modern PURAIR® for being an example to everyone in the franchising community about what it truly means to give back to the communities in which we live.

According to cofounder Lane Martin, Modern PURAIR® has plans to expand to 25 locations in Western Canada by the end of 2015. With upstanding people like Haller as a shining example, I believe Modern PURAIR® will have no problem attracting Canadians who share their customer-focused approach to business.