Doctor Screen Opens Two More Franchise Locations


Jun 23, 2014

Doctor Screen, the mobile screen repair service that currently provides its service throughout Canada, recently welcomed two new distributors.

According to Greg Woolvett, President of Doctor Screen, team additions Zac Cox and Dave Barker both connected with the franchise through the Doctor Screen based on its niche market and level of support and service.

Doctor Screen's second addition, David Barker, is a distributor in the area of Central Eastern Ontario but he's also lending a hand in the East Toronto market, where business is booming per Woolvett. Barker has already had numerous $1,000 days and was ready to hit the ground running after his accountant reviewed the Doctor Screen business model and pronounced it a solid opportunity.

Like Cox, Barker credited the sorting interface as a significant advantage during his franchisee search, as well as the ability to subscribe to the website for email updates. Barker has been looking for a franchise for two years and although he has come close to investing in another businesses, Doctor Screen won out due to its niche market, flexibility and moderate investment requirements.

Woolvett praised for its quality leads and the preparation it offers to candidates before they even speak to a franchisor. According to Woolvett, the company expects the Greater Toronto, Alberta and Calgary areas are ripe markets for Doctor Screen franchisees.

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