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Investment Level $25,001 ~ $50,000

The Revive Energy Mint Distributorship Program is designed for the entrepreneur who wants the freedom that owning your own business can provide. Revive Energy Mints provide a personal coach to help guide you and help you to make the most of your business. The program offers owners two revenue streams: (1) vending and (2) retail distribution. Revive Energy Mints contain a proprietary healthy energy blend that appeal to all types of consumers including athletes, professionals, and regular people looking for a healthy boost to help increase their mental and physical performance. Revive Energy Mints contain the same energy boost as a leading energy drink and are packed with the antioxidant superfoods acai berry, goji berry and mangosteen.

What is included in the revive business?
  • 17-Point Business Plan
  • Personal Coach
  • Vending Machines
  • Retail Rights
  • POP Retail Displays
  • Marketing Material
  • National Brand Advertising
  • Toll-free Business Line
  • Vending Business Management Software
  • Business Cards and More!


I have quickly become a "Revive-aholic"! I have started to incorporate Revive Energy Mints into my most intense workouts as well as when I just need an extra boost during a long day at the office. These mints not only energize me, but they satisy my cravings for sweets--I could not ask for a better combination!!"
~ Cara Kokenes Samson - Ms Fitness USA, Ms Universe

"Revive Energy Mints have used a combination of national advertising combined with a mass distributorship program to allow for its exponentially increasing market share of supplemental energy."

"Revive Energy Mints are great! They give you a great boost when you need it and I love the healthy benefits."
~ Steve "USS" Cunningham - Former IBF World Champion

*Not available in the following states: MD, MN, ND, RI, however is accepting leads from Canada. AIN#: BF48790. Our company makes no earnings claims or statements and does not guarantee that a purchaser will make a profit or earn income. Individual testimonials are unique and can vary greatly and depend, among other things, upon machine and product locations and individual efforts, results are not typical. Testimonials may have been reimbursed through free/discounted product/machines, and/or monetary compensation. We make no representation on current account status. Accounts are individual to each distributor. *These statements have not been reviewed or evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Contains caffeine: Not recommended for young children, breast-feeding or pregnant women, or caffeine-sensitive persons. "No Crash" means no sugar crash. Revive Energy Mints contain no sugar.