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Say ‘Hello’ to the best deal in wireless.

Canadians have not had many mobile phone choices until recently. High prices and complicated rate plans had many Canadians looking for an alternative. Thanks to Public Mobile, customers now have that clear choice. Now, they can choose Public Mobile’s unlimited wireless service and talk, text or e-mail as much as they want for the same flat-rate every month. No more minute-based rate plans means no more crazy phone bills at the end of the month.

Public Mobile is not a franchise. We have dealers. We also have a winning proposition and a cost structure that is very attractive to someone interested in becoming a Public Mobile dealer in Ontario.
  • There’s no start-up fee. Unlike a franchise we don’t ask for an upfront fee for the privilege of working with us.
  • No royalty payments or license fees. You keep what you make on the sale of all hardware and accessories.
  • We look for ways to make you more. For example, our model provides opportunities to earn profits from simple things like in-store payments.

For our customers, Public Mobile is a truly different phone company.
  • We are easy to work with. Our rate plans are clear and easy to understand. We don’t overwhelm our customers with too many choices. Many of our customers are new Canadians and we want their experience with us to be enjoyable, not confusing and frustrating.
  • We are low cost. Keeping costs low makes our service more affordable for our customers and makes it possible for the business to be more profitable.
  • We are good neighbours. Our most successful dealers are valuable contributors to the working class communities that surround their stores. At Public Mobile, we think we can do more than just sell phones, we can make our communities stronger. It makes us all feel better, and it’s good for business too.

Formed in 2008, Public Mobile provides unlimited talk and text services to value conscious customers in Ontario and Quebec. There are no contracts, no credit checks and no surprises. Public Mobile launched its network service in May 2010 in Toronto and in June 2010 in Montreal. Public Mobile is building its network from Windsor to Quebec City. The company purchased its spectrum licence for $52M in July 2008 and the licence covers an area reaching 19 million Canadians.

If you are enthusiastic about the potential of working with Public Mobile as a dealership owner in Ontario, we’d love to talk to you.

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