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Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000

A Franchisor Dedicated to Your Future

The Adele Group was created to offer consumers the best possible home cleaning services and to offer franchisees the best possible business investment opportunity. Today, that vision has been realized!

Adele has grown into a network of 110 franchisees each dedicated to excellence. In fact, our network is so strong and offers such exceptional value that in 2007 we were awarded by our peers, the highest honour available: Franchisor of the Year. However, we couldn’t stop there! In 2009, we became one of the only franchisors ever to receive a second CQF award of the highest distinction, this time for Innovation.

Opportunity Knocks!

Why the residential cleaning industry? Residential cleaning is a $3.6billion a year industry and is growing at a rate of 5-7% every year. 1.62million Canadian households, representing 12% of the total population, rely on a residential cleaning service to keep their home lives manageable and in good order. For the 7 out of every 10 married couples where both husband and wife are working outside the home, a cleaning service is not a luxury but a necessity that vastly improves their quality of life as a family. Considering that women working outside the home spend on average over 2 hours every day doing housework, the potential of this market is clear. Help us capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime!

An All Inclusive Package

Adele has built its reputation by ensuring the success of our franchisees. Our objective is to equip every franchisee with the knowledge, equipment, systems, processes, and support necessary for swift and enduring success. Adele offers a value proposition to its new and existing franchisees that is unsurpassed.

An Adele franchise will offer you:
  • A Centralized Call Centre
  • Accounting and Administrative Support
  • Local, Provincial and National Marketing
  • Vehicle Lettering
  • Proprietary, Commercial-Grade Cleaning Products and Equipment
  • Protected Territories
  • Comprehensive Training
  • The Exclusive Adele Signature
  • Customized Management Software
  • A Proven Brand
  • Industry Leading Research and Development
  • $ + SENSE

Financial independence is a common goal of every entrepreneur. Our franchisees partner with Adele because with us, they take cheques to the bank! In fact, not only do Adele franchisees have an impressive record of success, Adele franchisees continue to build their businesses year after year after year. It is commonplace for an Adele franchisee to expand their business into a second territory or even a third.

However, the way Adele sees it, our franchisees don’t just deserve a lucrative job. No, Adele believes franchisees should take out every bit of what they put in. With Adele, you build equity in your business and you can resell it to a new franchisee. The Adele brand and franchise system will enable you to resell your business for a price far higher than the industry average.

A Few Key Questions

Does the following apply to you?
  • Dislike working evenings and weekends
  • Enjoy having control of your schedule
  • You seek independence
  • Wish to establish financial security
  • Want to control your own career path
  • Demand the highest value for royalties or fees
  • Dislike cold calling and solicitation
  • Would like to avoid tiresome accounting and administrative duties
If so...Contact Adele Now!!!

Territories Throughout Ontario Now Available