Second Cup

Second Cup

  • Investment Level
    $400,001 - $500,000
  • Industry
    Coffee, Business Opportunities, Business For Women, Cafe, Coffee, Franchises For Women, Mompreneur

Second Cup Canadian Coffee Franchise

Second Cup is Canada’s largest coffee franchise. We’re proud to be Canadian, and since 1975 we’ve spread across the country with over 350 stores.

Second Cup believes in local ownership and places high importance on supporting its local operators with daily deliveries from our partners. We hold a strong commitment to serving the best coffee around, and our 5,000 associates are Trusted Coffee Experts selling a million cups of fair trade beverages daily.

We only serve the finest coffee grown by fair trade, and it’s Second Cup Canadian Coffee Franchiseimportant to us that the land it’s grown on is taken care of. We purchase our beans fresh and roast them ourselves in small batches. This ensures that our coffee franchises always have the best tasting coffee around. Not to mention we test them 112 times before they get to the customer. All these things put together make a winning recipe for excellent coffee.

Second Cup can be a great business to get into if you have the experience and financial backing to make it work coupled with a love of fine coffees. If you think that opening a coffee shop is the right thing for you, we encourage you to contact us and ask
about franchise opportunities. We would be glad to welcome
you to our family of associates.